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idcusa over 7 years ago. I haven' t had any success with my own research or trial & error so I am turning to the. Btrieve was written by Doug Woodward and Nancy Woodward. They also improved their error messages and error. = < platform- code> " BIF" < major- functional. · what version of pervasive did you load? and on what version of the operating system for a server did you install pervasive? SQL - Status Codes. or codes outside of the 1. The application encountered an unrecoverable error. The MicroKernel or Btrieve Requester is. Why do users get a Btrieve error code: 3012 or 3103 when they try to logon to AutoEDMS?

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    This Article Applies To: Product: AutoEDMS, 6. Btrieve error codes. When a Btrieve error appears in Scala, two Btrieve error codes are shown. Error code 1 tells you what Scala was trying to do when the error. Btrieve error 2 ( I/ O error) An error occurred during disk read/ write. This status code indicates the file has been damaged and must be recreated, or that the file on. Btrieve Error Codes. QuickView version 3 and prior used the Btrieve file manager. This document includes the explanation and in some cases the actions to take to. Fixing Status 161 Problems with Pervasive PSQL v10 A White Paper From For more information, see our web site at goldstarsoftware. Btrieve Error Codes 3000.

    You receive this status code when an error occurs while loading the MicroKernel or when access to the server and client machine shared. · ISTech Support Forum › Crystal Reports,. Btrieve Error 35 Reply # 1. Ghost of the code Posts: 687 Gender:. Btrieve 12 Highlights. 15 application can run with no changes on Btrieve 12. No need to recompile code or rebuild file. Navigation: Btrieve > Btrieve Error Codes. Btrieve ( tm) Error codes. TAS Professional powered by CAS no longer ships with the Btrieve 6. 15 workgroup engine.

    This chapter describes the status codes and messages generated by. to Btrieve Requester Status Codes. Should you encounter an error code that. Advanced Operations Guide. trademarks Btrieve, Client/ Server in a Box,. These Error codes will begin with Database error. " The MicroKernel or Btrieve Requester is Inactive" This error occurs when the mapped. Code 161 - Registering Pervasive. purchased and applied a valid Pervasive. SQL Version 11 license key and are still receiving a Code 161 error,.

    Btrieve ( file) owner problems. ODBC Error: SQLSTATE = S1000, Native error code = 0 Unable to open table:. ( Btrieve Error 51). Database Error: 20 - the MKDE or Btrieve requestor is inactive. This error can occur for. you will find the Btrieve engine and two '. DLL' files that we. Home > Btrieve Error > Btrieve Error Code 116 Btrieve Error Code 116. Btrieve Error 116 Pervasive; Btrieve Error 161; Any ideas? If all if the above have. Status Code 20について. はじめに Status Code 20、 " The MicroKernel or Btrieve Requester is inactive/ Btrieve Record Manager is inactive" 、 は. Status 94 - Frequently Asked Questions. Btrieve error 94 usually indicates a.

    which causes this status code. Resolution: If you are using Btrieve in an NDS. Database Error: 3012 or Database Create Error 3012. You can receive this status code if you try to access a local file on a client. One thread opens a Btrieve. Btrieve Record Manager Error Codes 1 - INVALID OPERATION 2 - I/ O ERROR 3 - FILE NOT OPEN 4 - KEY VALUE NOT FOUND. 5 - DUPLICATE KEY VALUE 6 - INVALID KEY NUMBER 7. Chapter 15: Handling Btrieve Files. Btrieve is the file handling system from Pervasive Software, Inc. For full details on Btrieve,. 3 Btrieve Error Codes. · Pervasive/ Btrieve status ( error) code 20 Error code 20 is often experienced by end users. The cause depends in part on the Btrieve/ Pervasive environment in. That is to say, if you try to search Btrieve Error Code 25, you should search " 025" instead of " 25.

    Btrieve Error Codes; Btrieve Error Codes;. Below are all Btrieve status codes that I know about, click on any of these to get a description and more information about the error code. The Pervasive Engine or Service in. 2 Is the Pervasive Engine or Service. Navigate to the Control Panel on the machine you are receiving the Error Code. Why are some users now getting a Btrieve error 161 when trying to launch AutoEDMS? We just added AutoEDMS licenses to our system, and the Authorization procedure. com dental news for. They typically look like " BTRIEVE ERROR:. PWORKSDataCHTHIST. DAT – a fatal Btrieve error occurred: ( error code = 3006,. Home > Btrieve Error > Btreive Error Codes Btreive Error Codes.

    Pervasive Btrieve Error Codes;. Btrieve Error 161 If error code 20 appears immediately,. Hi there, got this error message. Can anybody tell me how to increase this value? I dont have any Btrieve INI Files. The COBOL file status code to which a Btrieve error has been mapped is also displayed in the trace file. If a Btrieve error is not shown on the trace but a. · Maybe somebody can suggest something regarding Btrieve error 87 in Windows. Is it some feature to close them in the code or to check current number of. What is Btrieve Error 2? error, btrieve, rebuild, damage,. ( filename = the name corresponding to the file number specified in the btrieve error message). Pervasive Database Connection.